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Mainstream Investors Targets $10 Million Private Funding Towards Oil and Gas Production in North Dakota's Williston Basin

December 5, 2013

The Basin has one of the largest shale oil reserves in North America

MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA – (December 5, 2013) – Mainstream Investors, LLC, a North Dakota-based non-operating oil and gas company, announced today that it will commit an additional $10 million towards oil and gas production in western North Dakota’s Williston Basin in 2014. The Basin is renowned for its Bakken Formation, one of the largest shale oil reserves in North America. Mainstream participates in energy production through the purchase of mineral interests, leasehold interests and royalty interests, as well as through the purchase of AFEs, or Authorization for Expenditures, the industry’s means of invoicing non-operators for their share of drilling and completion expenses.

“The need for capital in the Williston Basin is significant and is accelerating at a spectacular pace,” said Mark Anderson, president and CEO of Mainstream Investors. “With improvements in drilling and fracking techniques, operators have been able to reduce overall well costs, increase well productivity and modify their drilling programs to include more wells. This has created an even greater demand for capital. Mainstream Investors was created to help meet that demand.”

 “The industry’s move to multi-well pads has left some leasehold owners scrambling to find capital to continue participating in infill wells,” said Mike Donohue, Mainstream’s Vice President and COO. “This has sparked a trend to fewer and larger non-operators in the region. At Mainstream Investors, we look for opportunities to buy AFEs, enabling smaller investors to receive cash and eliminate future cash calls.”

Those looking to sell their interests may contact Mark Anderson or Mike Donohue at (701) 852-9444 or by visiting

About Mainstream Investors, LLC

Mainstream Investors, LLC, is a non-operating oil and gas company that provides its Members with access to oil and gas production activity in the Williston Basin region in western North Dakota. The Company is a working interest owner of mineral leases and oil wells. The Company does not act as an operator nor involve itself in the actual drilling process or ongoing drilling operations. The Company may also invest in assets associated with the oil and gas industry. For more information about Mainstream Investors, LLC, call (701) 852-9444 or visit



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